Cooking classes and culinary activities

Italian Wine Tour Sitting Around a Table!

For about two hours, in a unique underground room with a centuries-old brick vaulted ceiling in Colosseo area, the perfect atmosphere to drink, eat, and compare notes on the different wines. An expert wine producer-sommelier will introduce you to great Italian wines, two white and three red, from both northern and southern Italy, expertly matched with bruschette, appetizers, and cheese.  €50 per person, minimum 4 persons and maximum 12 persons.

 From Milk to Cheese.

Using just a few ingredients — raw milk, rennet, and salt — Loreto Paciti, fourth-generation sheep-raiser and cheese-maker, will teach you, over the course of between 3 and 4 hours, how to make fresh pecorino and ricotta cheese.  At the end of your cheese-making experience, you will have the opportunity to taste the best of Paciti’s own production, along with wine tasting and a four-cheese lasagna.  €300 for up to 4 persons, €50 for each additional person, maximum 10 persons.

Pizza Making.

No more secrets about making a pizza with the equipment you already have at home.  Gabriele Valdes, chef and pizza-making consultant, will teach you, over about 3 hours, how to prepare the dough, how to cook the pizza, and how to eat it with the right wine.  At the end, you’ll have good reason to be proud of yourselves.  €280 for up to 4 persons, €45 for each additional person, maximum 8 persons.

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