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I’m Federico Funari. Born, raised and still proudly residing in the historic Roman neighbourhood of Celio along with my wife, Ambra, my three children, Valerio, Emma and Sveva, and my three dogs, Nuvola, Viola and Zorro. This is where my family has been rooted for four generations and where my grandfather was the local grocer.

The idea of Federico’s place was born as a result of my journey to reconnect with the neighbourhood that made me and raised me. A neighborhood that has transformed and evolved incredibly since the times when my grandfather Felice’s deli and grocery serviced the entire area, yet is still rich in activity, history and opportunity.

The undeniable force of tourism in our corner of Rome brought my attention to the widening gap in services for visitors and for our community.  Services that didn’t yet exist that would have vastly improved travellers’ experiences here, offer a true representation of our neighbourhood and give visitors a warm welcome as a thanks for choosing this place. It started with a little project called The Left Luggage Room or Deposito Bagagli, now the cornerstone of our business created out of respect, professionalism and artistic curiosity. It’s a place where I founded:
RestArt Accommodations, where making you feel at home is our mission and Deposito Bagagli, a line of quality artisan products rigorously handmade in Italy in order to tie services with opportunity.
The Deposito Bagagli isn’t just a place for travellers; it’s an answer to the gap in services for the community that no longer exist because of the changing landscape. We act as the neighbourhood porter and front desk offering: an Amazon pick-up point, postal services, urban planning and city registry, and home and building maintenance are just some of the services we provide.


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