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The art of feeling at home


I am Federico Funari.  I was born here in the Celio neighborhood, and I still live here, along with my wife Ambra, my three children Valerio, Emma, and Sveva, and our dogs Nuvola, Viola, and Zorro.  I belong to the fourth generation of the Funari clan in the Celio: my grandfather was the neighborhood grocer.

The Celio, one of the Rome’s legendary seven hills,  is today a small village tucked alongside the Colosseum and dotted with important religious edifices and many archeological remains.  

In early 2003, encouraged by friends and colleagues, I began to consider the possibility of sharing the the Celio, and indeed all of Rome, with visitors.  And so I decided to start a vacation rental business, using my own and my friends’ apartments as a foundation.It gives me real pleasure to transmit to our guests my passion for food, green spaces, comfort, art, artisanship, and home furnishings especially vintage which our apartments and the neighborhood offer.   I have gone out of my way give a uniqu flavor to each apartment, so that guests can choose the style that fits their own tastes.


We are definitely NOT a travel agency or an online platform handling hundreds or thousands of properties.  What pleases me is to make every guest feel at home.  I don’t just give guests advice on where to eat and shop: I send them where I myself eat and shop, where my wife and my mother buy fresh groceries, where I myself go to the store or to the butcher or to the bank while I’m taking my kids to school or walking the dogs or running around doing work-related errands.  I want each guest not to feel like a number, but to feel welcomed with open arms as a human being by me and by my staff, and invited to share with us the same life, in the same neighborhood, where we ourselves all live and work.

Appartamento Appia (69)-36.jpg

I have a team which assists me in managing the apartments — check-in, check-out, housekeeping, troubleshooting of all sorts.  What I like about all of them is that we have one thing in common: a passion to welcome guests to our Celio neighborhood where several among them have also chosen to live, for their own enjoyment and for that of the guests for whom they are responsible.


Finally, I have created a Baggage Deposit space in the neighborhood, which serves also as a point of reference for all Celio residents.  Using this as a physical base, we organize clean-up efforts as well as take other initiatives to better the life of the neighborhood, for everyone.  Here, guests can take advantage of various free and for-payment services, like pre-checkin luggage dropoff, post-departure baggage storage, guided tours, and the purchase of vintage and other travel-related items.


Rome as a whole is a fantastic experience.  You can be sure that we will do everything in our power to render your stay in the Celio, in particular, a unique and memorable one.

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