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Sleep 2
1 bedroom
1 bathroom



A cozy ground-floor duplex nook perfect for 2 young people in love, the Farnesina flat

is enviably situated just 150 meters from the Colosseum. At entry level, you

come into open-plan living space with loveseat, table for two, kitchen area,

and half-bath (sink/WC). Upstairs: a loft with a queen-size bed, plus an

ultramodern shower room. Fully air-conditioned and with wifi, standard Italian

cable TV, washer, and -- very unusual in Rome -- a real tumble dryer, as well

as independent heating and hot water, the flat has all modern life has to offer.


To top things off, you’re in the heart of Ancient Rome. The Roman Forum, Palatine Hill, and Arch of Constantine are all within a 5-minute walk. So are the exquisite basilicas of San Clemente, with its underground excavations; Santi Quattro Coronati, with the most beautiful cloister in Rome, opened by a nun once you ring the bell; Santo Stefano Rotondo, one of Rome’s four round churches; and Santa Maria in Domnica, with the charming ancient sculptured boat right in front. All of these monuments mean fascinating walks, adjacent to some of Rome’s most beautiful green spaces, like the Colle Oppio, just across the street, boasting a historic little outdoor coffee kiosk

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